GIFTS Level 1 Processing Software

The GIFTS data processing will at flight time require significant computing resources to be deployed under effectively real-time delivery constraints. On this page, literature and work-in-progress algorithm software is relayed to the science and engineering community.

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Ray Garcia <> - principal maintainer
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GIPS 4-stage release - Apr 10, 2006

This is a preliminary code release for use with GIFTS simulated data cubes. The attached preliminary test report focuses on self-consistency testing using the simulated top-of-atmosphere radiances used for the GIFTS instrument simulation.

md5: 11e848f23c228eb21e14766edc1583ba

The software package contains a README.txt which explains installation and usage.

UPDATE 20060411: This downloadable patch addresses typename ambiguity in a few places on newer compilers.

UPDATE 20060424: Test data outputs used for test reporting is posted.


Verification Test Report
(also as HTML)

Testing Data

Test Output Data

GIPS 4-stage release - Jan 13, 2006

This is a preliminary code release for use with GIFTS simulated data cubes.

md5: f452739144460b733629377665010c82

The codebase contains a README.txt which explains install and usage.

A sample of the blackbody data needed in calibration is currently available via FTP at

GIPS 2-stage release - Dec 16, 2005

This is a preliminary code release for use with GIFTS simulated data cubes.

md5: f489f6908a8b0d131c54350e35cffbcb

The codebase contains a README.txt which explains install and usage.

A sample of the blackbody data needed in calibration is currently available via FTP at

GIPS preliminary 2-stage release - Nov 21, 2005

This is a preliminary code release for use with GIFTS simulated data cubes, consisting mostly of unit tests.

release_20051121.tar.gz: The source code for this release (md5: c2ad2483150702ce501133c936829284).
Build the demo test code with the command make SimCal1Test.unittest. The code requires a modern C++ compiler, Boost and FFTW (version 2).
note that for this release, you must have the environment variables
set to strings usable by your compiler. So, for example, $GIPS_INCLUDES should look something like
-I/path/to/fftw/includes -I/path/to/boost/includes
while $GIPS_LIBS should look something like
-L/path/to/fftw/libs -L/path/to/boost/libs

GIFTS Ifg2Spectrum

The Ifg2Spectrum Stage, with simplified interfaces.

ifg2spectrum20050708.tar.gz: The source code for this release (md5: 68c4bfddfcfbcfa69bbf61bdab13d4d9).
A README file in the Calibrate/Ifg2Spectrum directory explains compilation, running and use. As before, a modern C++ compiler, python, blitz++, Boost and FFTW are needed.

(note: in order to run the python code correctly, make sure the Calibrate/Common directory is in your $PYTHONPATH environment variable)

data_ifg2spectrum20050708.tar.gz contains a GIFTS cube's worth of interferferograms and resulting raw spectra. (md5: 26baf2b906574bc69e53c909fb527651). This is a large file: 353 MB compressed, about 770 MB uncompressed.

SHIS Pipeline, version 0

The Ifg2Spectrum and Radiometric calibration stages are brought together to perform a basic FTS calibration on SHIS-format files.
The Pipeline directory contains the code that ties the two stages together. A python wrapper script,, can be used to read SHIS-type FBF directories, and feed the C++ executables with data.

GIPS-SHISv0_050324.tar.gz: The source code for this release (md5: 8c6d265ed74c9b6dc33b96458bf52021).
The Makefile in the base directory defines make clean and make app.

The boost library, along with blitz++ and FFTW (version 2) are needed for compilation of this code.

SHIS-data_041010.tar.gz: A sample dataset (large) for use with this software release (md5: f72eb5bbc630ed62a66e98a6b308df14).

Interferogram to Spectrum stage:
late 2004 versions

This software release focuses on the Ifg2Spectrum stage library, and includes early versions of the Common and Connector utility libraries for GIPS.

GIPS_ifg2spectrum_20041217.tar.gz: Updated with more recent code that reads records from Flat Binary Format files. Please read the included README for installation instructions. (md5sum: 94432ab09b12e0f96e9d2306a46beaae)

GIPS_ifg2spectrum_20041008.tar.gz: Note that compiling the code requires the installation of the Blitz++ and FFTW 2 (version 2.1.5 preferred) libraries. Once these are installed on your system, adjust the Makefile in the Ifg2Spectrum subdirectory to point to the location at which they were installed. Then type "make test" in the Ifg2Spectrum subdirectory.

ResamplingStage v200403: SR-A1

This is a prototype algorithm implementation delivered as a Linux x86 executable module using POSIX pipes and memory maps to convey commands, monitoring information, spectra and reference data through the module.

This resampler implementation includes the 'Sinc Resampling' algorithm similar to that described by the CrIS ATBD, as applied to GIFTS. It competes against the 'FFT Resampling' algorithm currently being implemented to the same interface specification.

This module has been verification tested and partially characterized.

Interface Documentation MD5: e50736711b9ec7c7136ca5543ae3af57

Verification Test Report MD5: 53b1d23b2a659374a33d0f6c396cab3f

Software Package MD5: 568bfdb4c961090dd90771273254385b

Testing Package MD5: ade911e6cede535de37950fafb54c21a


Interface Documentation

Verification Test Report

Software Package

Testing Package


Publications and Posters

SSEC August 2006

Algorithm Theoretical Basis Document for the

Geostationary Imaging Fourier Transform Spectrometer (GIFTS)

Level 0-1 Ground Data Processing


SPIE 2006 San Diego

GIFTS Processing System


CIMSS 25th Anniversary Symposium. Madison, WI.

Building a prototype and testing system for processing GIFTS data

AMS January 2005 Meeting. San Diego, CA.

A Prototype for the GIFTS Information Processing System
Poster and Extended Abstract.

AMS January 2005 Meeting. San Diego, CA.

Calibration Algorithm Accuracy Versus Efficiency Tradeoffs for a Geosynchronous Imaging Fourier Transform Spectrometer
Poster and Extended Abstract.

SPIE Conference - August 2004 Denver, CO.

Component-Oriented Design Studies for Efficient Processing of Hyperspectral Infrared Imager Data
Poster (5 MB PDF).

GOES-R Users Conference - May 2004 Broomfield, CO.

Distributed Computing for the Extraction of Meteorological Products from the GIFTS Imaging Interferometer
Poster (15 MB PDF).

AMS January 2004 Meeting. Seattle, WA.

Design Studies for the GIFTS Information Processing System.
Poster and Extended Abstract.

AMS January 2004 Meeting. Seattle, WA.

Quantization of Far Field Diffraction and Focal Plane Misalignment Effects on Simulated GIFTS Data from the IHOP Field Program.

Poster and Extended Abstract.

AMS January 2004 Meeting. Seattle, WA.

Level 0-1 Algorithm Description for the Geosynchronous Imaging Fourier Transform Spectrometer.
Extended Abstract.


Testing Data and Datasets

Short wave SHIS and Short/Medium wave GIFTS sample data
Aug 1 2005

Caution: These are large datasets. the GIFTS SMW cube is 182 MB compressed and 1 GB uncompressed, while the SHIS SW file weighs in at 252 MB compressed and 1 GB uncompressed.

Addendum (Aug 24, 2005): the file SHIS_wavenumbersSW.real8.4088 provides the wavenumbers scale for the SHIS_InterferogramSW.complex8.4088 dataset, as well as other SHIS shortwave datasets.

Ifg2Spectrum data - Dec 10 2004

This package currently contains an FBF file suitable for input to the Ifg2Spectrum module. Test and reference outputs will be added.

MD5SUM: 5b36692d0f75be6e39f34f09aeaec568

complex interferogram FBF file from S-HIS

Resampling Test Package 2004_06_24

This package includes

  • a GIFTS simulated datacube (LW band), including spectra with simulated off-axis effect as well as "truth" spectra without the simulated effect applied.
  • C++ source for both Sinc matrix and FFT based resamplers.
  • python scripts to interface with the C++ resamplers, and to run the full cube tests.
  • example output directory for a complete test, containing comparison-to-truth files.

MD5SUM: 212c33a6fa4823fa5b8760fa32643560

Source MD5SUM: 548a609c1b4d3d16ee6bf8b121c50e00

Data MD5SUM: d4ef7d2109fb61bdd487a44d344c87a3

README MD5SUM: b6455a0c90f65b22f22fcc961ddab24e

Complete Package

or, piecewise:

Source Only Package (.tar.gz)

Data Only Package (.tar - 1 GB)


Resampling Test Dataset 200404

This test data package includes

  • high-temperature low-humidity simulated scene
  • high-temperature high-humidity simulated scene
  • blackbody data at 270K, 300K, 330K
  • all spectra are cosine rolled-off at 600 - 1100cm-1 for LW; 1650 - 2250cm-1 for SMW.

MD5SUM: cc86a283ea81e80062752bb1171e0817


Data Package