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Data Sources

McIDAS-V can use data from local files, remote data servers such as OPeNDAP or ADDE and even web servers. You can read further about specific data formats and sources available.

Select the sources of data that you want to work with within McIDAS-V using the Data Sources tab of the Data Explorer. Once selected, the data source will be shown in the Field Selector tab where you can select parameters, display times, the display type, and create the display.

McIDAS-V can work with any number of data sources at one time. Choosing a data source with McIDAS-V typically only reads the metadata (i.e., data about the data); no parameter data values are read until you request a display to be made.

To select the data that is to be used in McIDAS-V you use the Data Sources tab. You can bring this up by selecting the Data Sources tab of the Data Explorer window, or by using the Display->Create Layer from Data Source... menu item in the Main Display window.

This section describes:

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