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McIDAS-X Fastrack Version 2006b
Now Available

04 December 2006 McIDAS Help Desk email notification to the mcidas-users list:

The full and incremental releases of McIDAS-X Fastrack version 2006b were recently added to the McIDAS Website. See the Fastrack section of the McIDAS-X Software page for download and installation instructions.

The 2006b full release installs a complete version of McIDAS-X (all modules, whether or not they've been modified). The 2006b incremental release contains only the modules that have changed since the 2006 upgrade (distributed in May 2006). A more technical description of differences between the incremental and full release is found in the Fastrack Information page near the bottom of the McIDAS-X Software page. Incremental releases are not available with McIDAS-X for XP.

Changes first appearing in Fastrack version 2006b include:

  • numerous level 1b server updates, including support of NOAA-18 [inquiries 13024, 12967, 12806, 12640]
  • updates to the MSG calibration for bands 5-10 [13464]
  • updates to the MTSAT HRIT servers [13473]
  • updates to the MODIS servers for band 26 transfer failures and the new DAAC compressed files [13557, 13616]
  • new FSD LRIT servers [13570]
  • updates to the towns database for the TOWNS and FIND commands, particularly to include Puerto Rico [13649]

The complete list of changes in version 2006b is available at the Fastrack Software Changes page.

Each Fastrack version is an intermediate release of McIDAS-X software. All changes in each Fastrack version have been tested by SSEC McIDAS User Services; however, a complete system test has not been performed. Therefore, Fastrack versions may not be as stable as a fully-supported upgrade (e.g., version 2006) and we recommend that you do not install Fastrack software on mission-critical workstations. We also ask that you report any problems you encounter with Fastrack software to the McIDAS Help Desk.