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McIDAS-X 2015.1 Fastrack Version
Now Available

01 July 2015 McIDAS Help Desk email notification to McIDAS Site Coordinators and the mcidas-users list:

McIDAS-X Fastrack version 2015.1 was recently added to the McIDAS Website.

Please note that McIDAS-X version 2015.1 contains only updates to support Himawari imagery, so you only need to install this version if you use this data.

Here is a more detailed description of the updates in McIDAS-X 2015.1:

  • Added Himawari HSD servers and calibration module to allow creation of datasets of Himawari-8 data in HSD (Himawari Standard Data) format on local and remote servers, and display or manipulation of the data using the IMG* commands. The satellite was launched 07 October 2014 and is scheduled to start operations on 07 July 2015. See the DSSERVE command documentation in the McIDAS User's Guide or its online help for information about creating the datasets, and the Himawari section in the Bands appendix for information about its spatial and spectral attributes.

McIDAS User Services issues its McIDAS-X software updates via fully-supported Fastrack releases (including online documentation updates). This means that the software is fully supported by SSEC, and that each change to the software has been tested on all of the supported workstation configurations. Full system testing occurs at least once on each platform during each calendar year.

If you have questions about this release, call the McIDAS Help Desk at (608) 262-2455, or send email to the Help Desk.