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McIDAS-X Fastrack Version 2013.1
Software and Instructions

This page contains the software and instructions for installing McIDAS-X version 2013.1 on a Linux, Mac OS X or Solaris workstation. If you are installing it on a Windows workstation, go to the Windows 7 instructions.

McIDAS-X version 2013.1 is a fully supported Fastrack release. Significant modifications made since the previous release (version 2012.2) are listed in the bullets below. The instructions for obtaining and installing McIDAS-X 2013.1 appear after the bullet list.

  • Changed support of McIDAS-X on Apple, HP and Microsoft systems as follows:
    • On Mac OS X systems, changed support from 10.6 and 10.7 to 10.7 and 10.8. Along with this change, the issues that prevented use of the McIDAS-X GUI, Configuration GUI and ASK1 command on OS X 10.6 and later have been resolved, so they are now supported on OS X 10.7 and 10.8 systems running McIDAS-X 2013.1.
    • No longer support McIDAS-X on HP-UX or Windows XP systems. Support for these platforms ended 01 January 2013, as originally announced in the 2013 Operating System Support Plans.
  • Updated the Meteosat calibration module with correct coefficients for Meteosat-10 and -11.
      Per EUMETSAT's 18 Dec 2012 press release, Meteosat-10 is scheduled to replace Meteosat-9 as the prime operational satellite at 0 degrees on 21 January 2013. To display Meteosat-10 data correctly (with accurate calibration) the data source must have McIDAS-X 2013.1 installed. So if the Meteosat-10 data is on the user's local workstation, the user must have 2013.1 installed on the workstation. If the Meteosat-10 data is on a remote server it will be displayed correctly if the remote server is updated to 2013.1 (or if the user copies the data to a local workstation that is updated to 2013.1).
  • Updated the COMS calibration module to give the correct albedo values (0.0 to 100%).
  • Added new keyword GATEway= to DATALOC command. The new keyword adds the ability to specify a gateway for SSH tunneling of ADDE transfers. For more information, see the DATALOC command, Transaction Logging and Restricting Access documentation in the McIDAS User's Guide.
  • Updated the station database (file STNDB.CORE) to include five new TAF stations (KADF, KCXP, KSDL, KHND, K36U) and changed the VOR station ID for Vero Beach from VRB to TRV.
      Note for McIDAS-XCD sites only:
      There is no McIDAS-XCD 2013.1 packaged with this release. However, sites that are running McIDAS-XCD 2012.1 (the current version of -XCD) and want to decode the new TAF stations into the Rapid Access Text files (so the TAFRPT command lists data for those stations) can do so. First, install McIDAS-X 2013.1 on your McIDAS-XCD workstation, then login to it as user oper and run commands BATCH REGROUP.BAT and BATCH REBILDRAP.BAT, then login to it as user mcadde and run command BATCH REGROUP.BAT. Use steps 5 and 6 of the McIDAS-XCD 2012.1 instructions for guidance.

Before installing Fastrack version 2013.1, make sure you view the complete list of Fastrack 2013.1 Software Changes, and, if you do any programming or local code development/modification also view and complete the appropriate actions described in the Fastrack 2013.1 Programmer Notes (pdf). You might want to print or download these two documents for future reference.

McIDAS-X 2013.1 is a fully supported Fastrack release. This means that the software is fully supported by SSEC, and that each change to the software has been tested on all of the supported workstation configurations. Full system testing will occur at least once on each platform during each calendar year. If you elect to install 2013.1, we ask that you notify the McIDAS Help Desk if you encounter any bugs. Please be sure to mention that you are running version 2013.1.

Also note that if you plan to upgrade to 2013.1 from a version earlier than 2012.2, you must first read and perform any required actions in the release documents for each of the versions you skipped so you know about their major changes and any required actions in the interim. For example, if you are upgrading from version 2010.2 to 2013.1, you must first read and perform any required actions in the release documents for versions 2011.1, 2012.1 and 2012.2. See the past versions page for links to those and other materials from past versions.


To obtain and install McIDAS-X and/or McIDAS-XRD 2013.1, complete the following steps.

  1. Download (e.g., right-click and select Save option) the following files to the ~mcidas directory on your McIDAS-X workstation.
    File name Size Description
    mcidas2013.1.sh 27 KB install/uninstall script
    mcidas2013.1.tar.Z 151 MB compressed tar file containing source & data files; compiled version of -X & -XRD is about 1.1 GB (updated 28 January 2013 at 21:30 UTC; if you downloaded and installed McIDAS-X 2013.1 before then, go to the MSG Correction page to determine if you should install the correction)
    mcinet2013.1.sh 18 KB script that configures an ADDE remote server
  2. To install McIDAS-X and/or -XRD 2013.1 on your workstation, complete the instructions in the section titled "Installing and Configuring McIDAS-X" in Chapter 1 of the McIDAS User's Guide.