AOSS will open doors Saturday for Science Expeditions

March 16, 2015 | Sarah Witman

The Atmospheric, Oceanic and Space Sciences building opens its doors this Saturday as part of UW-Madison’s Science Expeditions, a weekend-long event that welcomes learners and explorers of all ages to campus to experience science first-hand.

The AOSS Open House will take place on Saturday, March 21, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. The activities planned are sure to appeal to children and adults alike, showcasing the broad range of weather-related scientific research happening in our building.

The Antarctic Meteorological Research Center will demonstrate interactive weather instruments, as well as cold-weather gear worn at the South Pole. Nearby, a colorful, rotating water tank from Professor Galen McKinley’s Ocean Research Group will show onlookers important weather processes in action, visualizing how water and air movement plays a role in climate research.

Our 3D globe demonstrations will allow visitors to see some of the the high-quality animated satellite imagery produced here at SSEC, as well as tours of our roof (the second-tallest in Madison) and its impressive arrangement of satellite dishes.

A variety of weather and climate applets and satellite-imagery computer modules will also be up and running for visitors to explore.

More details on this free, public event are available on our website. For maps and information, including a full schedule of Science Expeditions destinations, visit UW-Madison’s science outreach webpage.

Antarctic cold-weather gear and a 3D globe are just two of the weather-themed activities available at this weekend's AOSS Open House. Credit: Rick Kohrs, SSEC.

Antarctic cold-weather gear and a 3D globe are just a couple examples of the weather-themed activities that will be available at this weekend’s AOSS Open House. Credit: Rick Kohrs, SSEC.