Through the Atmosphere: Winter/Spring 2016

April 28, 2016 | Sarah Witman
Steve Ackerman. Credit: Jeff Miller, UW Communications.

Steve Ackerman. Credit: Jeff Miller, UW Communications.

Science is often described as a systematic study of the physical and natural world through observation and experimentation. To many, the word science conjures up images of white lab coats, beakers, test tubes, telescopes, and microscopes. Others may think of it as merely a collection of facts. Behind the instruments and facts are the people who conduct science for the benefit of others. And that makes science exciting.

At SSEC and CIMSS, science is a community endeavor, wherein the community is working to learn more about Earth’s atmosphere, applying that knowledge to protect and improve our lives. This edition of Through the Atmosphere introduces a few of our people who conduct scientific research: From seasoned scientists to research interns.

  • Meet Bill Smith who has defined our young field of satellite meteorology, established CIMSS, and has received another award for a lifetime of scientific accomplishments.
  • Meet Eva Borbas, a mid-career scientist who has helped us to understand the structure of our atmosphere through remote sensing.
  • Meet Mike Foster, Jonathan Gero, and Tristan L’Ecuyer who are early in their science careers and already making important contributions in the areas of cloud climate data records, instrument development, and understanding Earth’s energy balance, respectively.
  • Meet the two Scotts, whose education and outreach through the CIMSS Satellite Blog reaches thousands of people seeking to better understand satellite observations.
  • Meet four recent atmospheric and oceanic science graduates who are just launching their promising careers.

These are a few of the SSEC and CIMSS scientists who are excited to discover – through their scientific inquiry – how our planet works and excited to share their discoveries with others.

Steve Ackerman, CIMSS Director

This Director’s Note originally appeared in the Winter/Spring 2016 issue of Through the Atmosphere, SSEC’s biannual magazine. View the full issue online here.