Aura Chemical Reanalysis

Project Summary

  • Utilize the Real-time Air Quality Modeling System (RAQMS) to conduct a multi-year global chemical and aerosol reanalysis using NASA Aura and A-Train measurements.
  • Follows the path lead by the European Center for Medium Range Weather Forecasting (ECMWF) for development of operational air quality forecasting and data assimilation.
  • Provides a comprehensive chemical and aerosol analyses for assessing global air quality and for providing lateral boundary conditions for regional air quality management activities.

Assimilated Satellite Data

  • Terra/Aqua MODIS Aerosol Optical Depth and Fire Detection
  • Aqua AIRS Carbon Monoxide Retrieval
  • Aura MLS and OMI ozone Retrievals
  • Aura OMI Tropospheric NO2 Retrievals

RAQMS Description

  • Online global chemical and aerosol assimilation/ forecasting system
  • UW-Madison hybrid θ-η coordinate model (UW-Hybrid) dynamical core
  • Unified stratosphere/troposphere chemical prediction scheme (LaRC-Combo) developed at NASA LaRC
  • Aerosol prediction scheme (GOCART) developed by Mian Chin (NASA GSFC).

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