Satellite Composite Images

Real-Time U.S. Composite Satellite Image
Updated every half hour.

The U.S. Composite Satellite Image is a combination infrared satellite data from GOES-East and GOES-West. The basemap was provided by Earth Observatory Team – NASA (

Global Montage Global Satellite & Surface Temperature Montage
Updated every six hours.

The global montage is created using satellite data, sea surface temperatures and observed land temperatures. For more information, read the overview.

Rotating Globe Rotating Globe Movie
Updated every three hours.

These MPEG movies show weather systems over a rotating globe. They are created by combining data from 5 geostationary orbiting satellites (GOES-East, GOES-West, Meteosat at 0, Meteosat at 63E, and MTSAT), polar orbiting satellites and a topographic map of the Earth.

  • Current snapshot (rotating Earth showing current clouds)
  • Last 3 weeks (rotating Earth with animated clouds covering the most recent 3 weeks)

WV Global Satellite Composite Global Satellite Composites
Updated every three hours.

The global composite images combine GOES, Meteosat, and MTSAT satellite data.

Antarctic Composite Antarctic Composite
Updated every three hours.

The Antarctic composite is a mosaic of GOES, Meteosat, MTSAT, and NOAA polar orbiting satellite data.