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Workshop Agenda

To best serve the goals of the workshop, the meeting will be structured to facilitate discussion among the participants. A significant time will be allotted for discussion following each oral presentation, with further opportunities during the refreshment breaks and lunches. We will have a tour of the facilities at the UW Space Science and Engineering Center on Tuesday afternoon, followed by a dinner for all participants on Tuesday evening.

Tuesday November 8    
8:00am Continental Breakfast  
8:30am Steve Ackerman Welcome 
8:30am John Dykema Far infrared satellite measurements applications for energy, security, and economics
9:00am Aronne Merrelli (presenting on behalf of Dave Turner) Impact of modifying the far infrared water vapor continuum absorption model on Community Earth System Model Simulations
9:30am Daniel Feldman Understanding far infrared cooling with space-based measurements
10:00am Coffee Break  
10:30am Luca Palchetti The Radiation Explorer in the Far Infrared prototype: technical overview and measurement performance
11:00am Eli Mlawer Results from the Radiative Heating in Underexplored Bands Campaigns (RHUBC)
11:30am Giovanni Bianchini Analysis of data acquired by the REFIR-PAD spectroradiometer during the RHUBC-II campaign
12:00pm Lunch  
1:00pm Shepard Clough Water Vapor Spectroscopy, Line Coupling and the Water Vapor Continuum for the Far Infrared
1:30pm Giudo Masiello Radiative transfer modeling in the far infrared with emphasis on the estimation of H2O continuum absorption coefficients
2:00pm Lionel Doppler Gaseous transmission in far infrared, application to RT Code MOMO
2:30pm Coffee Break  
3:00pm Jon Murray Far infrared sensitivity to water vapor variability in the tropopause: The importance of airborne measurements
3:30pm Aronne Merrelli Comparing Clear Atmosphere Profiling with FIR and MIR Radiance Spectra
4:10pm Bus to SSEC  
4:20pm Arrive at SSEC Tour of SSEC rooftop instrumentation, data center, visualization center, laboratories
6:15pm Bus to Pyle Center  
6:30pm Cash Bar at the Pyle Center  
7:00pm Dinner at the Pyle Center  
Wednesday November 9    
8:30am Continental Breakfast  
9:00am Lei Bi Optical and radiative properties of ice clouds
9:30am Tiziano Maestri Analysis of down-welling radiance in presence of thin ice clouds data from the ECOWAR-COBRA Experiment
10:00am Coffee Break  
10:30am Xianglei Huang Multiple years of far-IR flux and cloud radiative forcing as inferred from the collocated AIRS-CERES observations and its application in GCM validation
11:00am Martin Mylnczak Observations of the Earth's far-IR spectrum from the ground, the air, and from Space
11:30am Harri Latvakoski Far Infrared Instrumentation: FIRST, CORSAIR, and CLARREO
12:00pm Lunch  
1:00pm Sergey Mekhontsev Support for the Far IR Radiometry at NIST-Status Update
1:30pm Hank Revercomb A New class of advanced accuracy satellite instrumentation for earth observation
2:00pm Coffee Break  
2:30pm Joe Taylor The University of Wisconsin Absolute Radiance Interferometer (ARI)
2:50pm Fred Best On-orbit Absolute Radiance Standard for the next generation of infrared remote sensing instruments
3:10pm Jonathan Gero Far-infrared black body emissivity measurements with the Heated Halo method
3:30pm Discussion  
4:30pm Adjourn  


For more information, contact Maria Vasys.